Business, management and management consultancy

Business, management and management consultancy
The area of management control, particularly felt by medium-sized customers, is the result of many decades of experience in the sector.

The exploitation of these experiences has allowed us to jointly develop, over time, professional and operational skills in favor of customers in the field of management control such as:


Strategic planning: support to management in defining business objectives, identifying the medium-long term mission of the company and subsequently translating the latter into operational plans. The study and definition of company strategies, support in strategic choices and analysis of competition and coalition policies are part of this activity.
Elaboration of business plans: support in the elaboration and analysis of the business plan, as a tool for medium-long term planning
Directional accounting: definition and design of management accounting systems based on the identification of activities or management areas in which value, selection and installation of Business Intelligence systems, project management consultancy are generated

Strategic control: aid to the company in the design of the control system for the analysis of its competitive positioning: balance analysis, performance indicators and balanced scorecard
Budget and reporting: assistance in defining budgeting and reporting procedures, drafting infra-annual reports, analysis of variances and support of management decisions
Analytical accounting: consultancy in the field of analytical accounting, support and assistance in the definition of internal procedures, Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management Accounting

Financial Planning: simulations and economic-financial projections to allow the analysis of possible future dynamics
Treasury management: short, medium and long term cash simulation, liaison with banks, cash flow analysis
Evaluation of investments: evaluation of the return on the investment projected in future years

Management of processes and procedures: analysis of company organizational structures, comparison with reference models, assistance, definition, processing and verification of internal procedures
Tasks: qualitative and quantitative analysis and planning of the workforce, definition of tasks and lines of responsibility

goal analysis
qualitative analysis of existing information and computer systems
assistance, together with IT technicians, in choosing the most suitable solution, both hardware and software
assistance in defining supply contracts
hiring the works management or coaching the internal manager
support in the phases of analysis and construction of the prototype
support during the start-up phase and subsequent system optimization

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