What is Brand Japan

It is the largest brand value evaluation survey in Japan, with more than 50,000 consumers and business people evaluating a total of 1,500 brands of companies, products, and services. It is useful for verifying the results of marketing practiced in the past, setting future targets. We will utilize survey result data to support brand building.

brand branding
brand branding

Brand · Japan 5 points

People in charge of PR, management planning, marketing, must work together. 
It is a tool to visualize the strong image of brand strategy planning, “image of a brand” in the head.

“Brand Japan” will be celebrating the 18 th year this year with a survey that consumers and business people evaluate the value of the 1,500 brands by over 50,000 consumers and business people. On the report and the data CD-ROM, you can analyze with competitors and analyze with aging from the brand name and company name, and you will see the characteristics of your own brand and the direction you want to aim. In addition, objectivity and reliability as indicators are high, cost performance is also outstanding and has received high popularity.

We are cooperating with authoritative people and investigating with a highly objective system of committees.

At Brand Japan, we invite people active in the world of brand theory, marketing analysis and statistics to invite accurate aggregation and analysis from a fair and objective point of view, and invite people from the Brand Japan Planning Committee “From the first survey.

We survey by our own method and visualize brand evaluation that Japanese society holds.

Nominated brand 1,500 was elected in September ‘Brand Recruitment Survey’, and in November ‘s Survey, it was divided into Consumer Market (BtoC) Edition and Business Market (BtoB) Edition, with more than 50,000 consumers and businesses People appreciated the brand. The survey results are published as a report in March of the following year.

Three steps of brand value evaluation


1. Brand recall survey _ September Previous
election of brands memorized in people
At Brand Japan, we conduct a “brand recall survey” as a preliminary survey for nominations, aiming to make brands in the head of people visible. This is a pure recall type, a memory that has five fields in each field freely written for brands with a positive image of “evaluating” or “liking” about the 12 fields in the table below It is a search type investigation.
2. Brand · Japan Survey _ 
Intuitively investigate various images for each 1,500 brands in November / Yes / No
This survey will be conducted on 1,500 nominated brands determined as candidates for the top of the previous survey and the top of “recall survey” as candidates. In this way, by examining the brands memorized in many people, we are improving the accuracy and value of the survey and appropriately evaluating and measuring the “now” of brands circulating in Japan. In the Consumer Market (BtoC) compilation, a total of 1,000 brands of company name and product/service name are taken from the consumer’s point of view, and in the business market (BtoB) edition, only the company name 500 brand business activities are viewed from a business person ‘ I investigate each. It is the largest brand value evaluation survey in Japan, with more than 50,000 people surveyed, with 1,500 brands nominated. In addition to checking the balance and image of the brand portfolio mutually, it is also effective for comparing with competition and discussing collaboration among companies.
3. Calculate scores, issue reports _ 
Diagnose strengths and weaknesses using original analysis method in March
Covariance structure analysis (SEM) is adopted as an evaluation method. Analyzed with a proprietary model based on the hypothesis with 4 latent variables (factors) in 4 BtoC edition and 5 B to B editing. As latent variables, the features of brands are reasonably summarized, so if you express them with a radar chart, you can see the difference in image pattern by brand at a glance. The hypothesis is verified every time, but as a result, it is a robust model that does not fluctuate for 18 years. In addition to being able to easily compare similarities and discrimination with all brands, we are highly appraised by corporate brand staff and researchers and are adopted numerously because we can confirm brand growth and change in time series.
  • Calculate and classify and visualize the four-factor scores and brand comprehensive power of “Friendly” “Convenient” “Outstanding” “Innovative” from the image that consumers have.

  • Five-factor scores of “foresight power” “human resources capability” “creditworthiness” “affinity” “vitality” from the image of the business person, classification and visualization by calculating the brand comprehensive power.

Radar Chart, Competition Analysis, Free Opinion …… The 
report includes CD-ROM that can be analyzed speedily!

In the case of full specification (more than the advanced version) on the data CD-ROM, “individual analysis sheet” “competitive analysis sheet” “analysis sheet based on awareness / user (individual · competition)” “free opinion: list” Freedom opinion: frequent word ranking “” Ranking table: overall result / result by attribute “” radar chart “” environmental consideration (BtoC edition) evaluation ranking / social contribution (BtoB editing) evaluation ranking “” royalty rating ranking ” Includes analysis function. You can easily print out and use it as meeting material.

You can choose from three versions of the report according to your budget.

There are three versions of “Brand Japan” report set: “Advanced”, “Standard”, “Light”. Commonly included in all versions is “report (commentary + data book)” “data CD – ROM”, but the contents of the data CD – ROM differs with “Advanced”, “Standard”, “Light”. In addition to these, custom analysis can be optionally added to “Advanced” and “Standard”.   1  2  3  4  5

A fashionable person knows! What is your brand to wear in your 30s?

“I’m about to have a good age and I want to change the shop where I buy clothes.” “I can not wear any more brands that were so crazy about it …”. As it seems, “fashionable transition” apparently comes around the age of 30. In fact, in the last few years, the fashion industry has gone alright. From the familiar select shop to the new brand of expectation, adult brand suitable for the thirties is increasing dramatically. 

A fashionable person  brand
So, I’d like to introduce “new classic” that we would like to recommend to the Alasar generation who is entering a fashionable transition period. This time pick up the Steady brand by the taste that I want to challenge!

If you want to challenge the vintage MIX style …

Besides being simple, not only is it a casual fine casual with a familiar stature drifting, vintage-like MIX Corde will be granted. As soon as you arrive, introduce 2 brands promising fashion!

The first is Ans Clear. Since its debut last fall, it has been handled one after another at popular select shops, and it quickly grew to popular brands. Not only the goodness of tailoring but also the philosophy of free playing dice as a matter of course, I propose a style that MIX all the tastes.

Different old clothes T-shirt every single design, all Harley Da Vittorio
purchase the design of Doson, embroidery of the brand name to back style
that has been subjected to.
Jacket ¥ 89,000, vintage T-shirt ¥ 23,000, corduroy pants ¥ 36,000 / all Anse Clear, wrapped scarf ¥ 25,000 (reference price) / Altea, West pouch ¥ 44,000 (reference price) / Amboise, pumps ¥ 48,000 / perico All Aman) Earrings ¥ 12,000 / Gas Bijou (gas vision Aoyama)

Third magazine I’d like to introduce next . It
is a select shop that starts from 9/1 this autumn, with main target of adult women in their 30s and 40s . We propose daily arrival with original, imported and old clothes, and attention is also gaining attention also in a new form based on showrooms store.

Vintage denim crispy feeling used, drifts the style of fashionista. T – shirt also realistic old clothes MIX!  برند  Vintage rock T-shirt ¥ 18,000, vintage denim jacket ¥ 28,000 / Together Third Magazine Used, Ribnit Cami Dress ¥ 34,000 / Third Magazine, Hat ¥ 52,000 / Albatos Swanpoll, Bag ¥ 29,000 / Ensala (All Third Magazine) Earring ¥ 14,900 / Gas Bijou (Gas bijou Aoyama) pumps / stylist personal items

If you want to try fashionable Ass Leisure Corde …

The second one is an ast strut . Brand was born in 2014 from United Arrows, it seems to mean “street” in old English. We continue to propose high quality clothes for adult women who can not choose to choose things by their own values without being swayed by trends.

For the sporty jersey-like line pants, keep the feeling beautiful together with a good girls check pattern atmosphere with the atmosphere in reverse!
Blouse ¥ 21,000 / Together Ast strut, ring ¥ 11,000 / Philippe Audi Veil (all Ast strut Shinjuku store) Belt bag ¥ 28,000 / Potiol (United Arrows Ginza store) Short boots ¥ 39,000 / Lake Nen (United Arrows Roppongi Hills store ) And the third one is apartment dormuem class . “French apartment” is a concept. As a select shop enjoyed by adults who know the real thing, we have timeless high casual lineup.

A bespoke parka bought out is a brand’s hard work. You can direct a slightly sporty mood by just waving a feminine item. Adult attractive leisure tips to match the clothes cleanly!
Parka (bespoke) ¥ 28,000 / apatomon, dress ¥ 62,000 / Icons, bag ¥ 110,000 / Tomazini, slipper loafers ¥ 28,000 / caminando (all apartment Aoyama shop) sunglasses ¥ 55,000 / Ivan 7285 (Ivan 7285 Tokyo)If you want to wear a boyish maturely …A thirtieth gathering (masters) in mens-like clothes such as trainers and chino materials, oversized shirts, proposition to keep goods and femininity. If you try such a boys-like style, this season is paying attention to these two brands.

<Right> Journal Standard Lessage . Expanded on the basis of standard items for adult women who enjoy fashion, we handle a lot of mens-like items as well. It is a brand that is good at style that Mixed American and European taste.

Before entering skirts and casual material was slit, port talk about the woman whiff in the toes
and in-Ted heel, casual 30 that incorporates the Iroppo of the detail
ally of generations. Sweat Tops ¥ 16,000 / Anse Clear, Shirt ¥ 13,000 / Journal Standard Lessage, Skirt ¥ 25,000 / Jane Smith, Earring ¥ 25,000 / Risie Fortunato, West Pouch ¥ 50,000 / Maison Bowane, Pumps ¥ 44,000 / Nebroni (All Journal Standard Lessage Aoyama store)

<Left> H. Beauty & Youth .
We propose high-end casual with our own product line that casts a single stone in a standardized select shop . We handle a wide range of price ranges from low to high, and have high sensitivity items. Even at the department store, the brand is characteristic of the arrangement of goods with no gender.

Keeping the femininity of a young boy with a sense of comfort of a shirt worn loose. Over shirt ¥ 52,000, slitted pants ¥ 20,000 / Together H. Beauty & Youth, Pierce ¥ 7,000 / Enry Parker, Shoes ¥ 72,000 / Robert CREE (all H Beauty & Youth) Cap ¥ 3,800 / New Era x Beauty & Youth, Bag ¥ 8,250 / Beauty & Youth (Together Beauty & Youth UNITED ARROWS Shibuya Koen Street Store) INNER / STYLIST ORIGINAL Spot

Is it a style you’d like to try this autumn? If you have an interesting style, let’s mark it from these remarkable shops. 12345

Evaluation of brand value – Calculate Your Brand’s Value

The opinion that monetary evaluation needs require the following grounds.

  • It is subject to management only when expressed in amount.
  • It is the basis for collecting the company usage fee.
  • There is a strong impact on top management.

However, these grounds are not always convincing. For example, a motivation of employees may be mentioned as being subject to management even if it is not expressed as an amount.

Rather, it is important what kind of suggestion is given to the management of the company assumptions used in the calculation process.

Brand value evaluation model of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (reference) Outline

The brand value evaluation model of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is the following model.

  • Usage data is only objective financial data centered on published financial statements
    • It is judged that evaluating the brand financially with a marketing approach that indexes qualitative factors such as awareness indexes lacks the reliability of measurement
  • Evaluate the brand value on a consolidated basis
    • Calculate all brand values within the corporate group based on consolidated financial statements
    • We do not separate the value of the corporate brand from the value of the product brand
  • There are three components of brand value
    1. Prestige driver (PD) → price premiumProducts with brand value can be sold with a higher value than non-brand products.
    2. Loyalty Driver (LD) → RoyaltyBy having brand value, customers can be purchased repetitively and continuously.
    3. Expansion driver (ED) → brand expansion powerStatus high brands will enter not only the original industries and markets, but into similar industries, different industries and overseas markets.

Problems of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Criticism against the model of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is strong, and it seems that there are not many application cases at enterprises at present.

The main problems are as follows, but it is considered that the fundamental cause of these problems is a precondition that it calculates only by the numerical value recorded in the financial statements.

  • PD
    • I doubt the assumption that advertising costs and brand values are proportional
    • I assert that we are evaluating the price premium, but the formula evaluates the cost rate
  • LD
    • Stability of cost of sales and customer loyalty are completely different things
  • ED
    • It is impossible to make assumption that the ratio of overseas sales and sales ratio other than main business are proportional to brand power

Our approach
We will grasp the value of the brand from both the value expressed in the amount of money and the value not necessarily expressed in the amount.
Evaluate each stakeholder, and grasp the relative position with other companies.
Evaluation of brand value, our approach
Expected results
You can understand the major drivers that influence brand value.
Based on mutual relationship among major drivers, we can guide priority of measures.

تعیین ارزش وب‌ سایت


For brands originating in the globe that are developed in Japan, we clarify their brand values and extract and evaluate brands that satisfy the following criteria with the aim of comparing their positions with “global common scale”.

· Being a brand from Japan: To be a corporate and business brand created by Japanese companies

· Various financial information has been announced: It is listed on the market as of October 31, 2017, and it is a company that can obtain forecasts by analysts

· In “Japan’s Best Global Brands”, in fiscal 2016 actual results, the overseas sales ratio of the brand-bearing business is 30% or more (less than 30% in “Japan’s Best Domestic Brands”, ranked “Best Global Brands 2017” In brand adopts the brand value of 2017))

· What is generally recognized globally

METHODOLOGY / Evaluation method
The brand value evaluation method of Inter brand is an evaluation of the brand value from the viewpoint of financial strength, the influence that brand has on purchasing decision making, and the firmness of future profits by brand. Just as securities analysts analyze and evaluate the value of the business, we analyze and evaluate the value of the brand based on the viewpoint of “How much profit is expected to be raised in the future”. It has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as ISO 10668 as a global standard for brand monetary value measurement, and is evaluated by the following three analyzes.

1. Financial Analysis

Forecast of the future profits generated by companies
First of all, we will forecast the current and future revenues of the brand-bearing business. Then we subtract the operating cost, taxes, capital cost according to invested capital from that sales, and calculate the future economic benefit. This analysis is based on published corporate information, and future forecast is based on analyst’s performance forecast (※).

* The forecasts of the analysts of this evaluation are based on future forecasts by analysts acquired from IFIS consensus data https://www.ifis.co.jp/ . Regarding future projections, we adopt those as of November 20, 2017.

2. Role analysis of the brand

Extract contribution of brand out of profit
Analyze the extent to which the brand influences the purchasing decision of the customer in order to extract the profit brought by the brand out of the future economic interest calculated by the financial analysis. In this evaluation, we will analyze benchmarks by industry by utilizing a database of brand value evaluation results of over 10,000 conducted by Interbrand for over 30 years on the role brand plays in purchasing trends of consumers. Based on that, we will calculate the score of the contribution of the individual brand’s brand by our own research and analysis.

3. Brand Strength Analysis

Evaluate the future certainty of profit by brand
Brand Strength Analysis is a measure of the ability to evoke client’s needs such as royalty in the market, continued purchase and enclosure of consumers (the ability to maintain future revenues), discounts the profit of the brand and converts it into present value . This evaluation is a systematic method to judge the risk of the brand, and it is evaluated in the following 10 items. Based on internal evaluations such as management and employee brand support and management system, brand position on the market, consumer awareness · favorability, images and other external evaluations, compared with other brands in the same industry 100 It is represented by a score from 0 to 100 which makes a perfect brand.

Next, this brand strength score is converted to a discount rate by Interbrand’s unique calculation method, and the brand value is calculated by discounting the future brand profit at that discount rate. “Brand Role Analysis” and “Brand Strength Analysis” are calculated based on multifaceted evaluations of our consultants using various published reports etc.


Brand Valuation by Interbrand

Brand valuation by Interbrand

brand value calculation brand evaluation

Brand valuation by Interbrand

Brand Valuation Consultancy – Brand Valuation (Brand and Logo Value Estimation)

Brand ratings and ratings are conducted annually by companies and institutions around the world.

But among the vast numbers of branding firms (and some of them doing it scientifically and others doing it as an income-generating business), Interbrand has a relatively high reputation.

Since 1988, the company has been continuously evaluating brands and continues to do so.

Interbrand, while striving to apply the precise scientific principles in the pricing of brands, insists that this method of calculation does not exclude brands from the world of space and its results do not merely translate into a rigorous academic report.

For this reason, the philosophy of the brand equity model is as follows:

Brand valuation formula – independent of its structure and design – should eventually account for brand equity in the outputs of a business.

brand value calculation brand evaluation

مشاوره ارزش گذاری برند

What is a brand?

What is a brand?

Brand and branding definition and brand-related terms
✔ Brand and branding
Do you need to start the first brand and branding course with brand definition and glossary by explaining brand-related words?

It is usually assumed that the # glossary is the last part of a textbook. In classrooms, words are usually gradually defined throughout the classroom.

The main reason for brand and branding starts with the brand definition and other related terms is the plurality of views and differences in branding and branding.

Everyone, according to his or her day, has adjusted and changed the brand definition and branding according to his or her needs, depending on his or her background! For this reason, we have to start the discussion with word definitions before starting a more specialized course, with the goal of forming a common language brand and branding.

What you see here is merely general and general definitions to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and misunderstandings from the basic concepts, and each of these concepts will be further examined in future lessons.

Different schools in the brand definition
The brand has seen a lot of changes over the last few years.

Usually, the way a brand is defined depends on who has defined it and what perspective it looks at.

Tilde Hedging and colleagues explain in their brand management book that, by reviewing more than 300 articles in the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, Harvard Business Review and the European Journal of Marketing, they have been able to look at at least seven different views on branding and brand analysis. Detect:

Economic Look to Brand Definition and Branding Style

This is the look that accountants and financial managers have for the brand. The brand is part of the organization’s intangible assets, which appears on the balance sheet, and the time of pricing the business is taken into consideration.

Identity look at Brand Definition and Branding Style

From this perspective, the brand forms part of the whole organization’s identity. Therefore, an organization strives to create and develop a brand corresponding to that identity based on its definition of identity.

Brand look and branding from a consumer perspective

In this view, brand awareness addresses the issue of what consumers are seeing and hearing about brand-related symptoms.

Branding and branding in the eyes of # personality

If we assume that a brand is like a human being and that it has all the characteristics of a human being, how can a personality be attributed to that brand?

Or let’s say in another way: if people look at our brand as a human being, is it appropriate to see and know what kind of person it is?

Human characters are # introverted. Extrovert. Creative and risk-taking. Conservative and imitative. Happy and alive Both are dead and dead. Wild and immortal. Function and quiet are both. We can apply any attribute that we attribute to a person as a brand.

Looking at the brand from the point of view of relationship and relationship management

This kind of attitude is another common form of brand look and branding.

All those discussions that we hear and read in the context of human relationships can also be raised about a customer relationship with a brand.

We humans look at some kind of relationship. To some others in a permanent form. In some relationships, we have a patron, and we complain in other relationships and seek revenge. All of this gender is also manifested in the relationship of human beings with brands.

Brand look and branding as a recipe for interactions and social status

This is another form of brand look.

Sometimes a successful manager feels that his auto must be brand-specific. His car brand can only be one of three or four main brands in the country. His clothing brand should be selected from among the most expensive or luxurious brands in the world.

Many of the world’s luxury brands, some of which have been identified and discussed in # business stories in the MBA, have become virtually part of the managerial consumption culture.

Naturally, this form of branding, as in all other forms, can ultimately bring long-term economic benefits to brand owners.

But naturally, brands can take advantage of their own brand, not just as a means of selling more, but as a means of building a more powerful collective identity.

Brand look and branding

This form of sight is a method that is usually raised at the macro level and is a matter for government officials.

When we look at culture from a large perspective, brand and brands are beyond the simple and basic equations of business and help to attribute certain attributes and attributes to a culture at a macro level.

Today, Switzerland’s name reminds many of us of the finesse. Perhaps it was a Swiss watch, with its identity and precision, which was called Swiss, but today is the process of inversion formed:

This is the name of Switzerland that gives credit for hours.


What is Brand Management | Nine Elements Essential for Brand Management

Brand management

“Brand management” is often defined as follows when searching on Google.

Brand management

is the ongoing activity to increase brand equity.

  • Brand management is an activity that constantly cycles the improvement cycle in order to raise the value of the brand owned by the company itself, as well as the value of the company as a whole
  • Brand management is a management method that comprehensively manages brands in favorable conditions for companies

However, if you look at these definitions, do you see clear images of what “brand management” is “what” “what to do”?

Humans can not do things that can not be imaged. Especially brand management is an effort involving many team members, but it is self-explanatory that brand management does not work unless we have common recognition that “what” and “what to do” with brand management.

The author of this blog k_bird defines “branding” as follows so that it can be used effectively in practice.

What is branding?

  • A brand is a thing or service that accompanies “empathy” with “a unique role” for consumers.
  • Branding refers to efforts to create identity and empathy as “as much as possible” and “as strong as possible”.
  • The merit is a long-selling brand based on “nominated purchase” that goes beyond “impulse buying request.”

And, based on the above definition of “branding”, “definition of brand management” is as follows.

What is brand management?

  • What: Business activities that create empathy for the brand
  • What to do: to properly manage so that its effect is maximized

And in order to make it easier to make this definition practical, it is organized into the following nine elements.

  1. To properly manage the corporate brand
  2. Appropriate management of multiple brand portfolios
  3. To properly manage organizations and human resources that carry out brand management
  4. To properly manage the design policy of the brand
  5. Proper management of branding (process) and results
  6. To properly manage response to market changes
  7. To properly manage the brand market price
  8. Make the best use of brand equity (assets)
  9. To properly manage intellectual property rights of brands

Let’s explain in order below. If you would like to know more detailed brand management method, please visit each landing page