What is Brand Management | Nine Elements Essential for Brand Management

Brand management

“Brand management” is often defined as follows when searching on Google.

Brand management

is the ongoing activity to increase brand equity.

  • Brand management is an activity that constantly cycles the improvement cycle in order to raise the value of the brand owned by the company itself, as well as the value of the company as a whole
  • Brand management is a management method that comprehensively manages brands in favorable conditions for companies

However, if you look at these definitions, do you see clear images of what “brand management” is “what” “what to do”?

Humans can not do things that can not be imaged. Especially brand management is an effort involving many team members, but it is self-explanatory that brand management does not work unless we have common recognition that “what” and “what to do” with brand management.

The author of this blog k_bird defines “branding” as follows so that it can be used effectively in practice.

What is branding?

  • A brand is a thing or service that accompanies “empathy” with “a unique role” for consumers.
  • Branding refers to efforts to create identity and empathy as “as much as possible” and “as strong as possible”.
  • The merit is a long-selling brand based on “nominated purchase” that goes beyond “impulse buying request.”

And, based on the above definition of “branding”, “definition of brand management” is as follows.

What is brand management?

  • What: Business activities that create empathy for the brand
  • What to do: to properly manage so that its effect is maximized

And in order to make it easier to make this definition practical, it is organized into the following nine elements.

  1. To properly manage the corporate brand
  2. Appropriate management of multiple brand portfolios
  3. To properly manage organizations and human resources that carry out brand management
  4. To properly manage the design policy of the brand
  5. Proper management of branding (process) and results
  6. To properly manage response to market changes
  7. To properly manage the brand market price
  8. Make the best use of brand equity (assets)
  9. To properly manage intellectual property rights of brands

Let’s explain in order below. If you would like to know more detailed brand management method, please visit each landing page