Knowledge of sales management

What is sales management? 

Every company sells products and services and earns sales (revenue). 
Most companies do sales management. 

But, surprisingly, I do not know what kind of sales management work is or what kind of flow. 

Sales management manages information about the sales of goods and services. 

A series of sales and management flow, that is, management of operations and information from order receipt to delivery, delivery, and collection of goods. 

For example,

  • What (product),
  • Where (customer),
  • How much (quantity),
  • When (delivery date),
  • How much (price)

What did you sell for

  • Do you always give the price of the sold item?
  • When do you pay for purchased goods?

Etc, is to manage information about the sale of goods. 

Sales management is a direct activity of a company or company to gain sales and profits. 
It is a function that every company needs. 

It is very important. 

This website provides an easy-to-understand summary of sales management operations and the contents and sales management system related to sales management. 

I hope that it will help you to study sales management and sales management systems from now on. 

This homepage is classified as follows.

What is sales management

From “What is sales management?”, “Sales form”, “sales channel”, “flow of sales management business” and so on are explained.

Sales order management

We will explain the work of order management From 
quote to contract, we will explain the order.

Shipping management

Describes the operation of shipping management. 
It is the shipment of the product.

Billing and collection

We will explain the operations of “billing and collection”. 
“Billing” and “Collection”.

Purchase management

Describes the operations of “Purchase Management”. 
We will explain from the request for quotation to ordering and payment.

Inventory control

I will explain inventory management work. 
We will explain stock receipts and payments, physical inventory, and purchase requisitions.

Sales management system

Describes a sales management system and systems related to sales.

Ordering method

We will explain the types of ordering methods, the quantitative ordering method of typical ordering methods, the periodic method, the double bin method, etc.


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