Sales channel

We will explain the sales route. 

The sales channel is the distribution channel through which goods are sold. 
It is the flow of the sales route of the product. 

Sales routes differ depending on the type of product. 
Product types are roughly classified into the following two.

  • Consumer goods
    are products used by consumers. 
    Used for everyday life.
  • It
    is a product used by production goods companies and middlemen . 
    Raw materials, parts, equipment, etc.


will explain the distribution channels of “consumable goods” and “production goods” 

■ 1. 

There are three basic forms of sales channels for consumer goods “consumer goods”.

  1. Manufacturers->
    The easiest way to sell from a consumer manufacturer directly to a consumer. 
    There are ‘mail order sales’, ‘door to door’, ‘direct sales from manufacturers’
  2. Manufacturers-> Retailers-> Consumers
    ‘ sales offices and salespersons sell directly to retailers. 

    The reason for choosing this form is

    • Depending on the nature of the product
    • When a suitable wholesaler can not be obtained
    • When we want to thoroughly enforce the marketing power of manufacturers
    • When the intention of the retailer who wants to exclude the wholesaler is strong

    And so on.

  3. Manufacturer-> Wholesaler-> Retailer-> It
    is a form to sell from a consumer manufacturer to a retailer using a wholesaler. 
    It is the most basic form of distribution.

2. There are two basic forms of sales channels for production goods “production goods”.

  1. Manufacturers-> Industrial Demanders An
    “industrial demander” is a company that uses “production goods”. 

    The characteristic of “production goods” is that the purchase of production goods is concentrated on a large number of “industrial customers”. 
    Therefore, we deliver directly to “industrial customers”. 

    It is a product used for make-to-order production. 
    It is an aircraft or a ship.

  2. Manufacturers-> Distributors-> Among the industrial consumer
    “production goods”, “standardized products”, “probably produced products”, “low-priced items”, “low-consumption items”, etc. , Sell using intermediaries.