What is Brand Japan

It is the largest brand value evaluation survey in Japan, with more than 50,000 consumers and business people evaluating a total of 1,500 brands of companies, products, and services. It is useful for verifying the results of marketing practiced in the past, setting future targets. We will utilize survey result data to support brand building.

brand branding
brand branding

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People in charge of PR, management planning, marketing, must work together. 
It is a tool to visualize the strong image of brand strategy planning, “image of a brand” in the head.

“Brand Japan” will be celebrating the 18 th year this year with a survey that consumers and business people evaluate the value of the 1,500 brands by over 50,000 consumers and business people. On the report and the data CD-ROM, you can analyze with competitors and analyze with aging from the brand name and company name, and you will see the characteristics of your own brand and the direction you want to aim. In addition, objectivity and reliability as indicators are high, cost performance is also outstanding and has received high popularity.

We are cooperating with authoritative people and investigating with a highly objective system of committees.

At Brand Japan, we invite people active in the world of brand theory, marketing analysis and statistics to invite accurate aggregation and analysis from a fair and objective point of view, and invite people from the Brand Japan Planning Committee “From the first survey.

We survey by our own method and visualize brand evaluation that Japanese society holds.

Nominated brand 1,500 was elected in September ‘Brand Recruitment Survey’, and in November ‘s Survey, it was divided into Consumer Market (BtoC) Edition and Business Market (BtoB) Edition, with more than 50,000 consumers and businesses People appreciated the brand. The survey results are published as a report in March of the following year.

Three steps of brand value evaluation


1. Brand recall survey _ September Previous
election of brands memorized in people
At Brand Japan, we conduct a “brand recall survey” as a preliminary survey for nominations, aiming to make brands in the head of people visible. This is a pure recall type, a memory that has five fields in each field freely written for brands with a positive image of “evaluating” or “liking” about the 12 fields in the table below It is a search type investigation.
2. Brand · Japan Survey _ 
Intuitively investigate various images for each 1,500 brands in November / Yes / No
This survey will be conducted on 1,500 nominated brands determined as candidates for the top of the previous survey and the top of “recall survey” as candidates. In this way, by examining the brands memorized in many people, we are improving the accuracy and value of the survey and appropriately evaluating and measuring the “now” of brands circulating in Japan. In the Consumer Market (BtoC) compilation, a total of 1,000 brands of company name and product/service name are taken from the consumer’s point of view, and in the business market (BtoB) edition, only the company name 500 brand business activities are viewed from a business person ‘ I investigate each. It is the largest brand value evaluation survey in Japan, with more than 50,000 people surveyed, with 1,500 brands nominated. In addition to checking the balance and image of the brand portfolio mutually, it is also effective for comparing with competition and discussing collaboration among companies.
3. Calculate scores, issue reports _ 
Diagnose strengths and weaknesses using original analysis method in March
Covariance structure analysis (SEM) is adopted as an evaluation method. Analyzed with a proprietary model based on the hypothesis with 4 latent variables (factors) in 4 BtoC edition and 5 B to B editing. As latent variables, the features of brands are reasonably summarized, so if you express them with a radar chart, you can see the difference in image pattern by brand at a glance. The hypothesis is verified every time, but as a result, it is a robust model that does not fluctuate for 18 years. In addition to being able to easily compare similarities and discrimination with all brands, we are highly appraised by corporate brand staff and researchers and are adopted numerously because we can confirm brand growth and change in time series.
  • Calculate and classify and visualize the four-factor scores and brand comprehensive power of “Friendly” “Convenient” “Outstanding” “Innovative” from the image that consumers have.

  • Five-factor scores of “foresight power” “human resources capability” “creditworthiness” “affinity” “vitality” from the image of the business person, classification and visualization by calculating the brand comprehensive power.

Radar Chart, Competition Analysis, Free Opinion …… The 
report includes CD-ROM that can be analyzed speedily!

In the case of full specification (more than the advanced version) on the data CD-ROM, “individual analysis sheet” “competitive analysis sheet” “analysis sheet based on awareness / user (individual · competition)” “free opinion: list” Freedom opinion: frequent word ranking “” Ranking table: overall result / result by attribute “” radar chart “” environmental consideration (BtoC edition) evaluation ranking / social contribution (BtoB editing) evaluation ranking “” royalty rating ranking ” Includes analysis function. You can easily print out and use it as meeting material.

You can choose from three versions of the report according to your budget.

There are three versions of “Brand Japan” report set: “Advanced”, “Standard”, “Light”. Commonly included in all versions is “report (commentary + data book)” “data CD – ROM”, but the contents of the data CD – ROM differs with “Advanced”, “Standard”, “Light”. In addition to these, custom analysis can be optionally added to “Advanced” and “Standard”.   1  2  3  4  5