A fashionable person knows! What is your brand to wear in your 30s?

“I’m about to have a good age and I want to change the shop where I buy clothes.” “I can not wear any more brands that were so crazy about it …”. As it seems, “fashionable transition” apparently comes around the age of 30. In fact, in the last few years, the fashion industry has gone alright. From the familiar select shop to the new brand of expectation, adult brand suitable for the thirties is increasing dramatically. 

A fashionable person  brand
So, I’d like to introduce “new classic” that we would like to recommend to the Alasar generation who is entering a fashionable transition period. This time pick up the Steady brand by the taste that I want to challenge!

If you want to challenge the vintage MIX style …

Besides being simple, not only is it a casual fine casual with a familiar stature drifting, vintage-like MIX Corde will be granted. As soon as you arrive, introduce 2 brands promising fashion!

The first is Ans Clear. Since its debut last fall, it has been handled one after another at popular select shops, and it quickly grew to popular brands. Not only the goodness of tailoring but also the philosophy of free playing dice as a matter of course, I propose a style that MIX all the tastes.

Different old clothes T-shirt every single design, all Harley Da Vittorio
purchase the design of Doson, embroidery of the brand name to back style
that has been subjected to.
Jacket ¥ 89,000, vintage T-shirt ¥ 23,000, corduroy pants ¥ 36,000 / all Anse Clear, wrapped scarf ¥ 25,000 (reference price) / Altea, West pouch ¥ 44,000 (reference price) / Amboise, pumps ¥ 48,000 / perico All Aman) Earrings ¥ 12,000 / Gas Bijou (gas vision Aoyama)

Third magazine I’d like to introduce next . It
is a select shop that starts from 9/1 this autumn, with main target of adult women in their 30s and 40s . We propose daily arrival with original, imported and old clothes, and attention is also gaining attention also in a new form based on showrooms store.

Vintage denim crispy feeling used, drifts the style of fashionista. T – shirt also realistic old clothes MIX!  برند  Vintage rock T-shirt ¥ 18,000, vintage denim jacket ¥ 28,000 / Together Third Magazine Used, Ribnit Cami Dress ¥ 34,000 / Third Magazine, Hat ¥ 52,000 / Albatos Swanpoll, Bag ¥ 29,000 / Ensala (All Third Magazine) Earring ¥ 14,900 / Gas Bijou (Gas bijou Aoyama) pumps / stylist personal items

If you want to try fashionable Ass Leisure Corde …

The second one is an ast strut . Brand was born in 2014 from United Arrows, it seems to mean “street” in old English. We continue to propose high quality clothes for adult women who can not choose to choose things by their own values without being swayed by trends.

For the sporty jersey-like line pants, keep the feeling beautiful together with a good girls check pattern atmosphere with the atmosphere in reverse!
Blouse ¥ 21,000 / Together Ast strut, ring ¥ 11,000 / Philippe Audi Veil (all Ast strut Shinjuku store) Belt bag ¥ 28,000 / Potiol (United Arrows Ginza store) Short boots ¥ 39,000 / Lake Nen (United Arrows Roppongi Hills store ) And the third one is apartment dormuem class . “French apartment” is a concept. As a select shop enjoyed by adults who know the real thing, we have timeless high casual lineup.

A bespoke parka bought out is a brand’s hard work. You can direct a slightly sporty mood by just waving a feminine item. Adult attractive leisure tips to match the clothes cleanly!
Parka (bespoke) ¥ 28,000 / apatomon, dress ¥ 62,000 / Icons, bag ¥ 110,000 / Tomazini, slipper loafers ¥ 28,000 / caminando (all apartment Aoyama shop) sunglasses ¥ 55,000 / Ivan 7285 (Ivan 7285 Tokyo)If you want to wear a boyish maturely …A thirtieth gathering (masters) in mens-like clothes such as trainers and chino materials, oversized shirts, proposition to keep goods and femininity. If you try such a boys-like style, this season is paying attention to these two brands.

<Right> Journal Standard Lessage . Expanded on the basis of standard items for adult women who enjoy fashion, we handle a lot of mens-like items as well. It is a brand that is good at style that Mixed American and European taste.

Before entering skirts and casual material was slit, port talk about the woman whiff in the toes
and in-Ted heel, casual 30 that incorporates the Iroppo of the detail
ally of generations. Sweat Tops ¥ 16,000 / Anse Clear, Shirt ¥ 13,000 / Journal Standard Lessage, Skirt ¥ 25,000 / Jane Smith, Earring ¥ 25,000 / Risie Fortunato, West Pouch ¥ 50,000 / Maison Bowane, Pumps ¥ 44,000 / Nebroni (All Journal Standard Lessage Aoyama store)

<Left> H. Beauty & Youth .
We propose high-end casual with our own product line that casts a single stone in a standardized select shop . We handle a wide range of price ranges from low to high, and have high sensitivity items. Even at the department store, the brand is characteristic of the arrangement of goods with no gender.

Keeping the femininity of a young boy with a sense of comfort of a shirt worn loose. Over shirt ¥ 52,000, slitted pants ¥ 20,000 / Together H. Beauty & Youth, Pierce ¥ 7,000 / Enry Parker, Shoes ¥ 72,000 / Robert CREE (all H Beauty & Youth) Cap ¥ 3,800 / New Era x Beauty & Youth, Bag ¥ 8,250 / Beauty & Youth (Together Beauty & Youth UNITED ARROWS Shibuya Koen Street Store) INNER / STYLIST ORIGINAL Spot

Is it a style you’d like to try this autumn? If you have an interesting style, let’s mark it from these remarkable shops. 12345